Serotonin Recapture (tympan – 2023)

Keen on dramatic twists, Serotonin Recapture encapsulates a vitality, based on a luminous, digitally produced and altered polyrhythmic palette of sounds.

The lighthearted, with a dry sense of humor, ‘’Tention Tu Vas T’Envoler !’ (« Careful you’re going to fly away ! ») quotes someone who screamed at Charles from a car while he was walking down a street. Say his steps were not weighty enough for a « boy ». In fact, Charles might as well fly away – from gender stiffed norms, and create a poetic and grimacing response to this stranger. Racing to different cadences, rushing through quirky calls, the track travels the stereophonic image with sonic strokes, multicolored synthesized waves sparsely pinching the ears.

‘SEROTONIN’ is a more powerful, high UV take with the same audio sources processed to capture the radiating pleasure of serotonin’s activity affecting the brain – and the body – which is also translated by a soft and palpable vocal presence.

‘About to Switch’ concludes the EP with a warmer ambiance, broken beats, and spoken words from Charles himself. High-pitched and volatile, his voice propels hopeful semantics around the theme of continuum and change, over a variety of percussion.

Through meticulous audio gestures and artefacts – while still letting space for accidents to happen, Serotonin Recapture works on scales that could affect one’s perception ; and the spark, bounce or scratch could even by then flash one’s smile.

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released March 10, 2023

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