Resonating Chamber (2021)

Resonating Chamber has been composed out of synthesized sounds and recordings which were made in empty spaces with particular acoustics, enabling objects and sometimes Charles’s voice to reverberate. Written between 2018 and 2021, this first large piece of work contains tracks that merge pop sensibilities and experimental production. It also collects strange sonic abstractions clearly weaved to the active yet fragile path of listening and thrives towards unsettling relationships.

In empathy with sounds, Charles aims at keeping the listener aware of different rooms, where musical structures emanate sometimes unclearly. They seek a human halo in timbers, leading to unexpected harmonies. Harmony heard as Pauline Oliveros stated it as the action of « perceiving relationships through listening ». 

By questioning their form, whether tracks on here are compositions, songs, experimentations, they all draw spectral appearances, unstable and temporal objects. Their titles are clues to their features.

The « Chamber » in question cristallises at times an intimate space portraying emotional contextes, at others a playground containing phenomenological vectors, ambiguous forms. 

Charles’s voice throughout the album is beguiling between the human and the animal, the feminine and the masculine and is reflected in/by synthesis ; a language finding its way within a desolated landscape. It could be a deserted technoïd city, a once euphoric rave floor now empty, a bush polluted by white noise.

  1. Murmurations
  2. Slow Storm
  3. No Clue 
  5. Chamber 
  6. ÉVENT
  7. Deliquescent Object 
  8. Parade
  9. Sonnenblume (Night to Dawn Version)
  10. Grimace 1 
  11. Empty Room
  12. Without Noticing 
  13. Liquid Impact
  14. Tuning (End) 

*ITBWFMH stands for « In the Box Which Forms my Head »